Does it support OBD?

Does it support OBD?

We are currently developing OBD accessories, and due to waiting for the necessary procurement of raw materials, we anticipate releasing them around mid to late July 2024. The OBD functionality is reserved for AIO-5 Lite, so even if you purchase now, you can upgrade to include OBD after the optional accessory is released.

Note: The displayed data comes directly from the bike and may vary depending on the vehicle model. In some cases, specific data points may not appear on your display. This isn't an OBD issue but is due to the bike not providing that particular data. Any missing data is solely because of limitations imposed by the bike.

We kindly ask for your patience and encourage you to stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page and official website.

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    • Does it support portrait/vertical screen mode?

      No, the AIO-5 Lite does not currently support a portrait/vertical screen mode. The device is designed to display content in landscape mode only.
    • Can CGRC CAN support vertical scrolling?

      While the scroll wheel allows side-to-side operation, it does not support vertical scrolling. Please note that this is not a product defect as the CGRC CAN does not have a vertical scrolling feature. To better understand how to operate the CGRC CAN, ...
    • Can TPMS support three tires?

      The standard package for our MFP0019 Tire Pressure Sensors includes two sensors. Currently, our system supports a maximum of two tire connections. Unfortunately, it cannot accommodate three tires simultaneously.
    • Does it support video App?

      For safety reasons, in compliance with regulations for motorcycle use of CarPlay and Android Auto, we do not allow the mirroring of video software from your phone to AIO-5 Lite. You cannot use video apps like YouTube or Netflix on AIO-5 Lite.
    • Does it support my Bluetooth Headset?

      The AIO-5 Lite/Play does not establish a direct Bluetooth connection to motorcycle headset devices. Instead, it operates by having the Bluetooth headset pair with your smartphone first. Your smartphone then transmits the audio to the AIO-5 Lite/Play. ...