Install AIO-5 Lite / AIO-5 Play

Install AIO-5 Lite / AIO-5 Play

We have created an instructional video detailing the installation process. Please enable English subtitles for step-by-step instructions. Additionally, you have the option to use automatic translation for convenience.
To enhance your experience with AIO-5 Lite, we recommend downloading the "Chigee Go" app. The app provides convenient access to electronic versions of user guides, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.
For the AIO-5 Play, you can use it without downloading the Chigee Go app. Also, disregard the portions of the installation video about installing the camera and GPS unit.

Installing Handlebar Mount (AIO-5 Lite / Play)

  1. Select an appropriate diameter adapter for the bike handlebar.
  2. Slip the adapter onto the handlebar.
  3. Install the universal bracket, adjust it to the desired angle, and tighten securely.

Installing Main Unit (AIO-5 Lite / Play)

  1. Mount main unit.
  2. Secure it by tightening the bracket screws.

Mounting the Camera (AIO-5 Lite)

  1. Clean the mounting surface thoroughly.
  2. Use 3M adhesive to affix the camera, applying sufficient pressure for strong adhesion.
  3. Ensure the arrow-marked side faces upward, then tighten the fixing screws.
Note: Avoid areas with excessive vibration for camera placement.

Wiring and Power Connection (AIO-5 Lite / Play)

  1. Organize the wiring after installing the camera.
  2. Follow the original wiring path to guide the camera cable to the front.
  3. Loosen the battery screws for power cable connection.
  4. Connect the black wire to the negative (-) terminal and the red wire to the positive (+) terminal.
  5. Connect the ACC wire.
1. To locate the ACC wire, start by finding the fuse box. Set a multimeter to DC voltage, connect the black lead to battery negative, and use the red probe to find a wire that shows voltage when the ignition is on but not when it's off. That's your ACC wire to tap into.
2. If your bike lacks a fuse box, you can connect the yellow cable to the tail light wiring harness instead. To access the tail light wiring, remove the seat and rear fender panels to expose the area around the tail light. Next, remove the tail light housing cover. Use a multimeter to test the wires and identify the one with power running to the tail light—this is the wire to connect the yellow cable to.

External GPS Installation (AIO-5 Lite)

  1. Select a flat and clean surface for the external GPS.
  2. Connect the power supply to the GPS, insert it, and tighten the waterproof nut. And Connect the camera in a similar manner.

Power Testing and Finalization (AIO-5 Lite / Play)

  1. Start the bike's power to test both the power supply and the camera.
  2. If everything operates correctly, secure and bundle the entire wiring with zip ties.
  3. Cover with the seat cushion to complete the installation.

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